Lighting concept design

Entirely handcrafted using discarded sheep wool



sunsets is a series of wall and floor lamps developed by Oana Tudose under the umbrella of iele project.  The collection explores the functional qualities of discarded Romanian sheep wool through textile-craft manipulations.

The nature and slowness associated with the origin and story of the wool are referenced through different abstract landscapes portrayed in each lamp. The dimmed light, much like the one of sunsets, creates an atmosphere that invites the user to slow down and contemplate, reinterpreting thus the appropriation of the rural rhythm inside of a more urban environment.

The lamps are individually handcrafted by using traditional wool manufacturing techniques and local materials. Each textile embodies a unique crevice wool pattern developed through the combination of different crafts that dramatically changes appearance when lit. The hand spun wool yarn is naturally dyed with various plants.

”sunsets” ultimately research the potential of adapting traditional crafts in the contemporary space.